The Lady on the Train

Yesterday quite a special thing happened whilst I was on a train journey.

I ran onto my train as I was a little late and just made it (phew!), I had about 5 bags as I was going away on some trips so was quite an ordeal getting my bags on haha. After settling into a table seat with my bags a lady sat alongside at the other table, who I hadn’t even noticed, asked for me to look after her stuff whilst she walked to the guards to get a train ticket as she also had ran on without time to get a ticket. Upon her return, she did the same for me whilst I got my ticket. I came back and we just started chatting. She was telling me how she was filling up on lunch as she was going holiday planning with her girlfriends and knew lots of alcohol would be involved, something that I would do haha!

A small chit chat turned into the most amazing conversation for the rest of our two hour journey. She was turning 60 this year and I didn’t believe her! She told me all about her job, her dogs and the beautiful place she lives. She then told me how her husband had died 20 years ago when their children were young, she has never looked for anyone else after and happily lives on her own. Not only this but she has fought cancer herself. I think my jaw had started to drop at this point. It was no sob story to her though, she wasn’t asking for my sympathy.

She openly told me all about how having cancer changed her life. Making her perspective and decisions on everything she and her children do so different. It made her have a career where she travelled the world and still does! I then told her a little about my life and told her about my mum and her independence since her divorce. It was a truly beautiful time speaking with her and at the end we had a hug goodbye and she told me that I had made her day. She said it again, “You’ve really made my day” as she walked off. We waived goodbye and it felt quite surreal after having a conversation like that.

The world we live in today people often forget to look up from their phones on public transport. Put their headphones in and plug into music and shut off the surroundings and so called strangers. I’m extremely grateful to have met this lady.

To the lady on the train, you truly inspired me and you also made my day.

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  1. Pippa says:

    Victoria I have tears in my eyes, you are a lady above your years in knowledge and the foresight to see true beauty in the world comes from within. We love you and admire you. Love your proud mummy xx

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