That Chalet Girl Life

Working and living in the mountains they said? And so I ran…(actually I took a 18 hour coach journey)


Having just returned from 5 months in St. Anton, Austria, working as a Chalet girl I thought i’d share my experience with you. You say Chalet girl and everyone straight away says ahhh like the movie?!  (which was actually filmed in St.Anton) But no sorry to burst your bubbles I didn’t get weeks off work, helicopter rides to the mountains and become a professional snowboarder but thank god I didn’t pop champagne in my eye.  Instead I found myself arm deep in peoples toilets, finding unwanted items in peoples bins praying they were knotted oh and tactically napping on nights out (lets blame the 24/7 6am alarms) but I did learn to snowboard!!

Oh what a season it was! I applied with a company called Skiworld to be a Flexi-Host in St Anton. This role meant I was to go between all the 17 chalets in resort helping where needed and cover when people decide they are off-piste masters and get helicoptered off the mountain…no names mentioned. However, within my first week of work, which was actually Christmas week, I was asked to run a superior 8 person chalet and ended up hosting it for the whole season! It was a beautiful chalet and I was lucky enough to have had such lovely guests throughout the season (if any of you lovely people are reading this you were great!!). Being a smaller chalet and running it by myself meant I was able to gain a great rapport with my guests and frequently ended up going on nights out with them, I even performed ‘the worm’ for some guests one week…on demand I promise.

The life of a Chalet Girl…

  • 06.00: That dreaded tune goes off… “Get out of bed vic, now vic get up”.
  • 06.15: Desperately comparing work tops to see which one has less food stains on it.
  • 06.45: Tiptoeing into the kitchen frequently feeling less fresh faced.
  • 07.00: Mm what did I decide on my walk home last night that i’d cook this morning?
  • 08.00: Phewwww table set up, hot breakfast ready, now where are the guests?
  • 08.15: Wakey wakey, i’m all alone wanting to serve you breakfast so I can go skiing.
  • 09.15: Really? you come out now?! (Breakfast is 8-9) But smiling away you serve.
  • 09.30: What cake do I want to make to munch the leftovers on the mountain today?
  • 11.00: Rooms cleaned, afternoon tea out and dinner prep done.
  • 11.05: I’m a chalet girl get me outta here!!
  • 11.15: Do I nap now or do a napres (afternoon nap-every chalet host’s go to)?
  • 11.30: Lets go Skiing!!!
  • 15.00: BEER?? Rendl beach?
  • 16.30: One more beer or a napres?
  • 17.00: Suppose that 5 course dinner won’t cook itself.
  • 19:00 Canapés out, aperitifs out, for gods sake don’t drop them (happened once…)
  • 19.30: Dinner is served
  • 19.45: “How long does Dot want to take eating her soup?”
  • 19.50: Tactically starts to clear
  • 20.00: And for main course tonight we have…
  • 20.45: Clearing away dessert..”Anyone for a cheeseboard?” (thinking please say no)
  • 21.00: “Why does everyone love cheese so much” (Whilst making a swan apple)
  • 21.30: Thank you and good night
  • 21.35: Pass me a beer
  • 21.45: “Which bar we heading to tonight?”
  • 02.00am: “I’ve got to be up in 4 hours…what shall I serve for breakfast?”

Now you may be thinking stuff doing that 6 days a week, how is that at all appetising? But seriously its one of the best experiences I’ve done in my life and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Plus the early morning wake ups aren’t so bad when you get a view like this…18423726_10158808385075790_4282409899510249427_n

Ive come away with some of the bestest friends and memories I will cherish for a lifetime, shout out to you all for being great. Plus I can now whip up a 5 course meal in no time, dinner party anyone? Serious housewife points right here.




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