Using fashion to make Equality Reality

As a lot of my readers may know I gained a strong interest in Gender Equality throughout my University degree. In turn, this led to my final year Dissertation being titled ‘Son Preference with reference to Adolescent Marriage in Pakistan’. I am, therefore,  always on the look out for active ways to provide and enhance young girls human rights to combat such customs as Adolescent Marriage.

“Young girls should be wearing school uniforms, not wedding dresses”

Global equality for women and girls is a hard sell, particularly to the more fortunate people in the World who are commonly unaware even of its occurrence let alone its prevalence. Hence, other ways to sell it can only be a positive way forward to raise it from the Local to the Global level.
In the December 2016-January 2017 Good Business Issue of Bloomberg Businessweek I read a piece on an inspiring fashion designer, Henriette Ernst, who took out on a mission to end child marriage one scarf at a time. Her innovation, called ROUND + SQUARE started after talking to her neighbour who is a human-rights lawyer and global executive director for Equality Now where she decided she could do something to help. The business included designing and producing bandannas and shawls as well as t-shirts with beautiful print designs incorprating messages of peace, prosperity and gender equality. Slogans like “make equality reality” are amongst flowers, polka dots and butterflies, ensuring a positive but subtle message. The supplied cotton and silk are manufactured from women-owned and run operations with high quality environmentally friendly produce and further perpetuating the focus on women. 30% of the sales profits go straight to the charity Equality Now whilst the rest invests back into business.
Read more about her story here.

1000x-1Gaining support for causes such as Equality Now are hard where corporate sponsors tend to be hesitant around controversial topics such as child marriage, but increasingly these issues are being talked about more and support is widening. Bringing together fashion and a NGO’s message means consumers can purchase desirable items whilst supporting and marketing an important issue. Plus it means it doesn’t add to that huge pile of charity T-shirts that everyone has hidden in a drawer for PJ tops.

Shop now to add a beautiful piece to your wardrobe whilst aiding the journey to make equality reality. Plus if you sign up you receive 10% off your next purchase!! Gift cards are also available! Don’t forget…#IWEARCAUSEICARE


Lets Make Equality Reality. 

What can you do to help?




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