Week 15: End of Semester Celebrations

Pizza night

Another week and another week of uni work but it was okay because I was handing in my last assignment on Wednesday so that meant all my deadlines would be over then it was the exams to go! After a long blues Monday we all headed to the Union Hotel to devour the $6 pizzas after last weeks enjoyment. This time we brought all the boys along with us too so there was a big group of us and we managed to try even more flavours of the menu.


Last hand-in in Adelaide! 

Wednesday couldn’t come around sooner and I couldn’t wait to hand in my last assignment. It was my last stats assignment which was my 5th one of the term. I have really enjoyed learning stats throughout my degree and it was compulsory for me to do another stats module during my time in Adelaide and its been great! I’ve had a lot more contact hours and assessments than I do in England but its actually been really beneficial and should mean I won’t need as much revision time when it comes to exams. All I had to do this morning was check it over and add in all the notations then hand it in through this little post box (such a weird feeling). A few hours later and it was in and I was free (of assignments). Allie decided to take a photo of me with my hand in looking particularly proud of myself.

Today on campus was coincidentally  ‘Stress Less Day’ which they also hold at my home University, Southampton, but not only did they provide the normal petting zoo but there was so so much more. The Bar Smith lawns were full of activities such as a bouncy castle, free massages and manicures, free iced tea and fairy floss (candy floss) plus a swanky play doh competition. Everything one needs to get through the period of deadlines and came at a perfect time for me to destress after my final deadline.

Learning to skate by the river

Afterwards I went home and went out for a skate with Sophie who has learnt it out here as its so popular so I gave it a go. After one fall straight on the ground winding myself I actually wasn’t too bad, much to Sophie’s surprise. To my defence though Sophie hadn’t yet taught me how to stop or turn and then she stopped right in front of me so it wasn’t really my fault?! Today was also my twin Brother and Sister’s 15 Birthday in England so I skyped them which was lovely and luckily my post had arrived in the morning so it was just in time!



The last breakfast club

I decided after being pretty exhausted from all my deadlines to take these next couple of days easy and do some life admin (anyone who knows me I always have a list of jobs on the go). This morning was a sad morning finding out it was the last free breakfast club of the semester. What is life without peanut butter and jam toasties for breakfast?? We made sure we made the most of it by eating as much as possible and even got a photo to mark the moment. My day was perked up by finding out there was a short online survey about natural disasters for University research in which to complete you receive a $20 Coles supermarket voucher, easy money! So we all filled it out and went over to the department to collect our vouchers. Adelaide is full of surveys and studies so its a great way to earn money and freebies especially when procrastination is needed and were all saving for our travels. I recently signed up for a research study looking into pain thresholds at the University of South Australia which is our neighbouring University (don’t worry mum its safe). I am booked into a study next week and I will receive $20 in cash afterwards, not bad for enduring a bit of pain and its great to know your contributing to the development of medical advancements. Tonight was our last time going to the Crown and Sceptre which is our international student night in Adelaide so we enjoyed the live music there for the evening!

Campus looking beautiful

tumblr_nx5xbgudMu1ublqcro1_1280Friday was our last day of university contact hours so in the afternoon we celebrated by heading to the University bar for a couple of ciders in the sunshine which was lovely. It ended up being a nice big group of us and a few of our Australian friends came to join us too then afterwards we headed out to Zhivagos again as it was such a big hit last time!



This Saturday was a GOOD day and way more interesting than the combination of studying, freebies and food I’ve been giving you recently so I hope your sat down.  Saturday afternoon a group of us booked onto a ESN (exchange social network) event to Port Adelaide to kayak with dolphins. So in the afternoon we headed to campus and got loaded onto a bus taking us to the port. There was a big group of students and it was glorious day so everyone was pretty excited to get out on the water after a week of sitting infront of our laptop screens. I paired up with Dries and he made me go at the stern meaning I had to steer with my feet as I let loose that I had achieved my 2 star award in kayaking but I think he soon regretted that when we were spinning in circles (I really wasn’t that bad). We went around for a two hour paddle along the river looking at the various shipwrecks along the way and we saw three dolphins at the end swimming around us which was amazing. It was actually quite a little workout so my rowing arms came in handy much to Dries’s enjoyment. It was a lovely afternoon out in the sunshine!

In the evening we had a very exciting event planned for it was the… GOON OLYMPICS. Because of the lack of halloween celebrations in Australia Taylor decided to organise the First Annual Goon Olympics of 2015(Goon is cheap wine in bags). So we were randomly split into two teams red vs blue and I was team red so from now on we all favour team red okay?! Everyone put in money for the kitty, $15 for girls and $20 for boys, (just because they are show offs) and Taylor went out and got all the alcohol for the evening and even coloured shirts for us to rip into head bands for this was a very very serious event. Everyone had to be downstairs at 7pm sharp representing your team colour and ready for the battle to commence. I know this sounds all a bit dramatic but everyone got so competitive, lets just say the next day most of us had no voices left. So the first round was standard wine chugging which was 4 bottles per team with the quickest team winning. Luckily we had a couple of Canadians on our team which just seemed to make the wine disappear so that helped but unfortunately we missed out on winning by no less than a second. 1 blue 0 red.

Matthi demonstrating how it’s done

Round 2 was the most sophisticated of them all-‘Titties’. Basically like beer pong but you work in partners on diagonal parts of the table throwing the ball at your partners chest and they then subtly aim the ball into one of the three cups. Then once all three cups have been targeted and drunk you take it in turn to double bounce the ball into the final cup in the middle of the table. This was a long round with lots of partners to play and it was very tense indeed! I basically found my forte in this game and got two of mine in in a row then Dries managed to double bounce the ball in straight away so we won our round! After all the close matches red managed to come out on top. Round 3 the traditional flipcup, the name says it all, flip your cup from the edge of the table so it flips to face downwards. Each team had 13 people in so we did a massive long flip cup with lots of rounds to fairly compete. And the result was…the REDS took it.

Red vs Blue flipcup

The finale was a flipcup final with both teams picking their two strongest flipcuppers to face the battle from a individual team round. Each pair went face to face to flip their cups three times to get the victory. The atmosphere was so tense and everyone was staring intensely but the reds took it with Dries and Beth putting on an amazing flipcupping display! The blues couldn’t believe it and lets just say they weren’t impressed! So still feeling competitive we had a few rounds of ‘Baseball’ which is basically the rules of baseball but in drinking but is way too complicated to explain. After everyone loosing trace of the scores everyone let their hair down in the lounge area with myself teaching my famous party move, the worm, to the girls. Afterwards a few of the more keen Halloween goers changed into some crazy outfits then we headed to our friends house party which was great fun. At the end of the evening we all reunited in the lounge at 3am to watch the World Cup rugby final and I must admit I was asleep throughout.

It was an amazing way to mark the end of my semester abroad in Adelaide but first just got to get through those tiny things called exams..oh but then I have my two months of Summer to look forward to eek!


Sunday a few us bravely walked ourselves like programmed robots to the library to get some hours done. Then in the afternoon we came home via rundle mall where there were some cultural shows and markets on which were fun to walk through. After this I went out for a skate again with Sophie, Dries and Savannah which was good fun! We went for a little explore to somewhere new across the river which was fun. Then in the evening we had a cosy Sunday night and watched Gladiator which was gloriously gory.

Reed in Radelaide 



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