Week 14: The library=my second home

This week I unfortunately wasn’t able to escape the library with final deadlines looming and exams forthcoming so for some serious library motivation we planned our last big night out on Friday before everyones assignments and exams get too crazy. But for now it was back to the library day dreaming of the day where we will have no work to do. This week was my last week of full contact hours since a couple of my tutes were finishing to allow us time to do our assignments.


In the evening we headed over to the Union Hotel after being recommended the Monday night $6 pizzas (so just under £3). So tonight we gave it a go and it did not disappoint! Beth and I did half and half (my favourite thing) as we couldn’t decide! They were super fancy considering their price and we were all so full so it was just what we needed after a long day studying. The girls went to get ice-cream for dessert but I went back to Urbanest as I had arranged a Skype with my Dad to catch up and go over one of my major essays.

Date night
We just couldn’t resist

On Wednesday it was our fortnightly union members free lunch and
today it was a pot of quinoa salad which our waistlines were pleased with considering all the free BBQs we’ve been consuming recently and it was actually pretty delicious. But then we totally went back on ourselves and devoured free Halloween cupcakes from a society stall advertising a Halloween party event…so that didn’t last long.

On Thursday I was invited to the Semester Abroad farewell party which seemed strange considering I actually wasn’t leaving for another 3 months but as the end of semester was approaching it was a nice way to celebrate. Out of my friendship group I’m the only brit who is doing one semester abroad so it was myself, the Belgians, Canadians and Swiss for the night. It was on campus so I went straight from the library to it and we were met by an array of glorious foods and a bar. These sort of events always have the most amazing array of different cuisines because of how multicultural Australia is and particularly the University of Adelaide. So this meant I consumed way too much sushi, its just so much better than it is in England. It was a lovely evening held my the International Office , thank you! Afterwards I went back into the library for a late night to finish off the last bits for my assignment due in tomorrow. Late nights in the library are becoming much more common now, its so strange arriving at 8.30 am and not leaving till past 11pm some days, may as well pay the rent for the library rather than Urbanest. On a serious note though I swear some students actually do live in the library with showers in the toilets and sleeping stations on the sofas. Plus we found out this week theres actually single sex common rooms on campus where theres sleeping areas and a kitchen etc, this uni is just so on it!

India, Myself and Abbie (The only photo of the night I had!!)

Its FRIIIIDAYYY. Tonight we had planned a nice night out to a new club we hadn’t tried yet called Zhivago as being a resident of Urbanest we get free entry we thought why not! I invited a friend over called India who is a ‘Gappie’ working at a local school and Sophie invited over one of her Aussie friends too! After eating dinner and catching up we all got ready then headed downstairs for a few group drinks before heading out. Everyone got all dressed up which was so nice as we don’t normally, even the boys were all scrubbed up! It was our last night with everyone all together as some people are heading back to their home country straight after exams so we wouldn’t be able to celebrate one night all together. But dressing up meant heels which we hadn’t been used to for a while. This left Erica being kicked out of the club with the bouncer thinking she had had too much to drink when in fact she just couldn’t walk in her new heels and was basically Bambi on ice (don’t worry he soon realised she was fine). It was such a fun night, the club had a really cool interior and all their halloween decorations were mad! One of the girls had a lipgloss which came up UV on our skin so everyone was getting painted in it!

Today was spent plodding away with assignments then in the evening we went to the girls flat to all cook dinner together like usual then we watched a movie called ‘Prisoners’ which Beth had been nagging us to watch since their house viewing last weekend reminded her of the film. It was a really good film but had lots of torture scenes so I submerged myself under duvets and had a pillow to grasp and one eye open but I couldn’t help myself but leak out a couple of screams! On Sunday it was much the same locking ourselves in the library. A few of us were on campus so we all met up for lunch at a courtyard outside the uni kitchen which was really nice. After a few more hours we headed back home and there was a lovely little market on North Terrace which we walked through. Back home for Sunday night woes with a long week of more deadlines ahead.

I can’t believe my semester abroad is nearly ending, can we please just pause and rewind?!

Reed in Radelaide 


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