Week 13: Studying made easy Down Under

After a weekend full of birthday celebrations it was back to the library to get going with my extending list of deadlines. Myself and a few friends seemed to walk through the hub just at the right time when a huge display of free sweets from PWC were being put out. As expected we looked over in sugar envy and the guy behind caught us drooling and invited us over telling us they were free so we got first dibs!! Then it was back down to the dooms of the library but at least we had a tub of sweets to give us a much needed sugar boost prepping us for the rest of the day.

Who says no to FREE ice-cream?!

On Wednesday there was a Summer Expo event on campus which featured free ice-cream, popcorn and lots of games and giveaways from a variety of companies and events. There were travel companies present which were giving out information and deals on their trips so we took a few leaflets away including an offer for a Kangaroo Island tour which looked really good.

Just some promo for Kangaroo Island tours

Luckily we decided not to risk embarrassing ourselves by going on the surf board simulator particularly as we were all wearing skirts and dresses. In the evening we had an obligatory viewing of the AU Bachelorette considering we were majorly trying to catch up after missing the beginning during the East Coast trip and we’ve even got the boys interested in it now. Afterwards a few of us went for a late night walk as now its nearly Summer its still super warm in the evenings so its so relaxing to go for a walk down the river.

This Thursday’s breakfast club was on form with granary bread, iced coffee and even crunchy peanut butter over the old smooth which is just an offence to PB really. After fuelling ourselves for the long day ahead we headed into the library. Today was boiling peaking at a huge 37 degree heat, something we need to start getting used to, so we took a lunch break basking in sun soon searching for some shade!

After a long week of uni Friday came with a serious case of TGIF (thank god its Friday) and starting off the glorious weekend was the Engineering societies quarterly BBQ on the 12208426_10156237560835790_1400102801072728892_nBar Smith lawns. The Engineering Society is the biggest on campus and they always organise really good events such as the biggest bar crawl in the World holding 6000 people which happens in ‘Mad March’ which I sadly won’t be here for. But I still got to enjoy today…so roll on midday for free unlimited food, alcohol, henna, games and much more. It was so weird everyone getting drunk on campus with DJ’s blaring out tunes. Of course we were sure to optimise the freebies, particularly the henna including Taylor getting a ‘tramp stamp’ saying ‘I love my Adeladies’ which caught a lot of attention.

Taylor’s ‘I love my Adeladies’ henna


Afterwards a few of us headed back to Urbanest for a much needed power nap to prep ourselves for round 2 at the Geology society BBQ on campus in the evening. So round two of free alcohol and food- truly living the aussie bbq lifestyle! Then a few of us popped home for a quick change before heading over to St Marks College (another uni accommodation mostly full of aussies) for some drinks before going out. Unfortunately, whilst changing I realised my rose gold pandora I got for my 21st wasn’t on my wrist so as any girl would I went into ultimate meltdown running to my friends flat in panic. So on the way to St Marks we went back to where the BBQ was and we all did a search with our phone lights and my friend Becca just found my bracelet lying on the floor right where our group was stood all night so I was so relieved! Now in a much better mood we headed over to St Marks and were in awe of how prim and proper the college was! There were fountains, tennis courts, courtyards and a huge dining hall, basically a mini hogwarts?! I looked into coming to St Marks for my time here but decided not to when I discovered the hefty price tag. After a little tour of the college we went into one of the halls and had a few drinks meeting lots of other students before heading out to the infamous London tavern.

The Art Gallery of South Australia

Up early to get going with my essays and worked in my room for once utilising working in my PJs with a kettle within a 10m radius. All the girls went off for house viewings as they are doing a whole year abroad so they are looking for a house for next semester as it will be a lot cheaper. So we arranged to all meet up in the early afternoon at the Art Gallery of South Australia where they were giving out a free lunch to celebrate the opening of their aboriginal art exhibition called Tarnanthi. So we tucked into a Bushtucker kangaroo steak pitta or two..kangaroo is SO GOOD. Then we headed to central market for some discounted fruit and veggies before heading back to my better half..my laptop.

Changeover station

Sunday was yet another amazing fun filled day of uni work. In the afternoon a few of us went for a walk down to Elder park where the World Duathlon Championships were taking place so we watched a few of the races including the Paralympic events which were incredible to watch. The competitors had to do various laps of cycling and running depending on what disability they had. There were lots of visually impaired athletes who competed with a guide so it was beautiful to watch. We were stood right by the changeover stations so we saw the competitors switching from cycling to running which was amazing to see the efficient changeovers. The world champions of the Paralympic event were a blind Australian athlete with his guide followed by a French pair coming second. Truly inspirational to see how physical disability doesn’t stop determination to succeed.

The World Champions of the Paralympic event

Remind me why I’m not doing a year abroad? 

Reed in Radelaide



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