Week 12: Birthday Bonanza

So this week was a heatwave in Adelaide with temperatures hitting 40 degrees and it being the first week back to uni after spring break meant we unfortunately spent the week in the library! But at the weekend we had three of our groups birthday in a row so we had a big weekend to look forward to! 

Due to labour day on Monday and it being the first week back I had a couple less contact hours then normal which was much needed with some serious life admin needed after living the easy travelling life for over two weeks. I also had some looming big deadlines so it was a good time to start going with those. This meant we had very long days in the library this week but we managed to escape on Wednesday afternoon and headed to Urbanest terrace to try and enjoy the sunshine whilst working. Being back at Urbanest also called for our essential tv viewing of Bachelorette which we had missed whilst travelling. The Bachelorette this season was the girl got dumped from last years Bachelor for the runner up which stirred it all up a bit. It was nice being back in Urbanest with everyone even if we all already had the holiday blues!

Thursday was a serious food day with the normal free breakfast club, then a free bbq at campus then free ice-cream at urbanest in the evening! Free food makes a day in the library so much easier. In the evening myself and a few of the girls baked some white chocolate cupcakes for Abbie and Ben’s birthday at the weekend. In true style we enjoyed the ‘dodgy’ cupcakes which just had to be eaten because they just weren’t perfect right?!

Glenelg Beach

Friday was Abbie’s 21st birthday so after everyone finished lectures we all headed on the tram to Glenelg beach where we all enjoyed the afternoon in the sunshine. It was so nice being able to go swimming as in the CBD there aren’t many places to cool off! Some of the boys even went and jumped off the pier! After watching the sunset we headed back to Urbanest and we did a huge bbq with potato salad, kebabs, burgers the lot! Then we had some drinks on the terrace where the Canadians taught us some new drinking games and Sav brought down about a hundred jelly shots! It was a lovely evening going out after a week in the library even if the birthday girl didn’t make it out, always the way!

Abbies BBQ



Saturday was Ben’s 22nd birthday and for today we had booked a while ago tickets to a full moon party as part of the end celebrations of the 10 day Asia Festival in Rymill Park on the east side of the city. But before we headed off in the morning we made Rebecca’s birthday cake for tomorrow which was proved difficult to cool a cake down in over 30 degree weather so it resulted in me standing on the sofa holding the cake in front of the air con.

Cake baking in Aus

The end creation was incredible, just you wait till you see it! In the afternoon we headed down to the balcony all dressed up in our fluorescent clothes and ready to be covered in body paint! After colouring ourselves with the rainbow and having some drinks we headed to the festival via campus to print off our tickets. Yes we went to campus drunk. Yes it was a very weird experience with lots of studious students around working away and we were struggling how to work out the printers. In Erica’s case it took her a good 5 minutes to realise she was using her Urbanest room card rather than her Student ID for the printer, theres always one (AND its not always me!!).

Campus stop via a night out

On the way to the festival we walked through a massive zombie walk that was going on which was crazy, we started to worry we had missed the dress code until we realised it was a different event. Everyone was really well dressed up and looked incredibly scary, even so that I nearly mistook a man dressed in hospital overalls for a costume until I realised he was stood outside the hospital.

Full Moon party

Arriving at the Full Moon party it was all decorated similar to the real full moon in Thailand, they even had a giant moon pinned up! We headed straight to the body paint station and got even more painted up. Later on in the night Allie got so into it she asked me to paint her whole face resulting in no-one recognising her (she did insist!). It was a great night celebrating Ben’s birthday then at midnight we celebrated it turning Becca’s birthday by jumping on her and starting to crowd surf her which she was loving. After grabbing some asian food we headed back home!

Becca loving her cake

Today it was Becca’s 22nd birthday to finish off the birthday bonanza weekend! We all emerged from our rooms to head down for lunch on the terrace and give Becca her birthday cake featuring a beach scene with turtles as she loves them and hasn’t seen one yet out here. She absolutely loved it and it was soon demolished! Everyone did work in afternoon then we all got dressed up and went to dinner at a place called street where they serve hop dogs and croc dogs so I tried crocodile for first time which was surprisingly normal. Then in the evening we finished off by watching hunger games in time for a good nights sleep after a packed weekend and a busy week ahead of uni work.

Its been a great week being back in Adelaide and celebrating multiple birthdays, life in Adelaide just seems impossible to not be amazing! 

Reed in Radelaide 


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