Week 5: Chocolate tour, China town and Cycle rides

Prepping ourselves for the run

The beginning of the week started with serious Monday blues waking up to rain and getting wet walking to campus. I had an assignment and online quizzes due this week so I spent most of the working week in the library. But it was perked up with some free events on at uni with hot dogs, iced coffee, bbq and cakes etc so we made the most out of them. On Tuesday evening Allie, India and I decided to try out the Nike run on Rundle mall that we had seen advertised at Urbanest. You basically sign up for free and meet on Rundle mall and go running with the Nike+ running club. You choose whether to do 5km or 10km and which pace groups to be in which is great. It started off with a huge warmup with music blaring out which felt so strange with people leaving work walking past us on the street. Runs around here are always so idyllic and it was great doing it as a group so I’m planning on trying to make it every week.

I handed my assignments in on Wednesday so that was a relief then I went off and got my ear pierced (painful treat to myself!) Erica and India had planned to get some more ear piercings so they convinced me too so I just got my helix done which I’m happy with! (sorry mum). Then I celebrated properly on a night out on Thursday. It was Duke’s (the pub) 7th birthday  so had free entry, $2 drinks and live music so we had a great night!!

Friday couldn’t come any sooner after a busy week in the library so we headed in for our last day of uni before the weekend. I found out that I had won a raglan (Uni merchandise top) from the Instagram competition at open day so I went to collect that which was amazing, thank you UOA (walking around with #UAOpenDay on our foreheads was worth it after all). After building a craving for fridge cake at uni on the way home we went to coles and got the ingredients and went back and made a huge tray. After a gym session we treated ourselves and it was divine, just what we needed. Then after being persuaded I went for a night out with the boys which was hilarious as always.

Outside the factory

Alarm clock was set early for we had a chocolate tour (unmissable of course). Haigh’s is an Australian chocolate which is produced in Adelaide which they are really proud of. Its a 4th generation business and started in 1915 so this year they are celebrating 100 years. I had researched their visitor centres and seen they do free 20 minute factory tours so I arranged it for a group of us to go this morning. It was in the suburbs so we got the free tram out there which was easy peasy. Arriving at the factory we were shown around all the different sections and conveyor belts of various products, unfortunately we weren’t aloud to take any photos but take my word I was in charlie chocolate factory heaven. The tour guide told us all about the history of the business and the various processes in their production and we even got to taste some samples! It takes a worker six months to get trained on just how to make one product so they take great care in their produce, they even hand package all their products too! They are hoping to soon go worldwide as a company so keep your eyes pealed.

Just some of their 250 products…
Happy Chinese Valentines Day

After this we headed into china town where there were events on for Chinese Valentines day that were arranged by Study Adelaide. There were lots of performances going on from dancing to piano music. It was great fun seeing the performances and then walking through china town, the smells of all the foods were incredible. We then went to the asian food court where there was self service aka see how high you can build a mountain on your plate.

It was then off next door to the hussle and bustle of central market to stock up on fruit and veg. This afternoon Sophie and Beth were playing in their lacrosse finals for the uni team the blacks (penguins). So we headed over to the west side of the city to Narnungga park to watch them play. It was a beautiful afternoon so was great watching them whilst sunbathing at the same time. Unfortunately they didn’t win their game but it was a great afternoon and was lovely to see the atmosphere.

The park

In the evening a few of us headed out and ended up finding a lovely bar and sat and enjoyed some cocktails, it was lovely having a catch up with the girls as we are so busy during the week some of us end up not seeing each other much or always end talking about uni work etc so it was nice to have some relaxed time.

Cocktail o’clock
First time in the Indian Ocean

Early start again on Sunday as we had planned to get up early and cycle to Henley beach for breakfast! Unfortunately we didn’t realise you couldn’t hire bikes till 10 so we were set back by an hour which meant we just missed out on the all you can eat buffet breakfast but we ended up finding a really nice cafe on the beach and we all enjoyed our well deserved breakfasts after the 13.5km bike ride. It was such a beautiful day today with temperatures in the twenties (still can’t believe Aussies think this is cold) so we enjoyed catching some rays and headed onto the beach for a paddle. Then it was back home to do some work in the afternoon. Our accommodation, Urbanest, has a balcony overlooking north terrace so we sat out there in the sunshine which made doing work not so bad. For a while we’ve been eyeing up an indian down the street which always smells amazing when we walk past so tonight we all decided to give it a go. You choose three dishes with rice and after indecisively choosing we all went back home and devoured it. After filling our stomachs a bit too much we all chilled out on the sofas and watched a film, lovely Sunday evening! Please don’t be Monday tomorrow!!

Enjoying the sun

Its been an amazing week here as always, I never want to leave!! Fingers crossed the sunshine stays, so looking forward to summer now. This week brings more adventures including watching Adelaide crows at the Adelaide oval at the weekend!! Till then…

Reed in Radelaide 


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