Week 3: Breakfast’s, BBQ’s and Beach

It’s been a lovely week here in Adelaide with the sun shining, spring is near! Cant believe I’m starting my third week of class tomorrow, starting to feel like an actual resident of the city now! Its been a good but busy week of class with my first assignments being handed out, eek! I’m really enjoying my modules here, they are really interesting and the lecturers are really good! All the lectures here are recorded with the voice and slides recorded together so thats amazing, but means lots of people don’t turn up (catch 22). So I’ve decided to try and aim to stick to a 9-5 day routine in the working week at uni so I can do reading and class prep etc in-between class leaving my evenings and weekends more free for adventures. So far its going well (lets forget the Friday morning). But it started it off well on Monday with a long day on campus then in the evening we had a ‘compulsory’ safety talk at our accommodation with the fire service and police. The bribe for us to turn up was pizza after so we all attended (anything for free food). It was actually quite a helpful talk finding out about the fines, laws etc and all the things you forget you need to know about being in a new city and then the pizza was amazing. This then followed by a TV night in the common room with my friends feasting on $5 nachos from burp which I resisted (great name of a restaurant) whilst watching the very intense episode of spelling bee.

River walk home from campus

Brunch at Argo on the Parade
My sister, Hettie, is currently travelling around South America post degree and she came about meeting and travelling around with a girl called Jo from Adelaide for part of her trip, such a small world eh. Jo arrived back in Adelaide a few weeks ago so we planned to meet up when I came out here and this morning we arranged to do something! So she picked me up kindly from my accommodation and she drove me to Norwood, the Parade, and took me to Argo which is a massive craze here. I had heard about how big it was and have been wanting to try it out since my arrival so I was super excited (ill tryyy not to write too much about this). It was incredible, its basically a brunch place (brunch is the go to here) where they serve breakfast and lunch meals and is super duper healthy and gorgeous foods. I went for the salmon royale which as smoked salmon on toast with hollandaise sauce, poached eggs, spinach, feta and rocket, AMEN. Basically, I plan to visit Argo regularly (lets just ignore the price). It was so lovely meeting her, particularly as I’m not seeing my sister for about a year in total so was lovely to speak to her about their travels together. She also gave me tips on Adelaide life which is always appreciated. I then headed in for the rest of the day for uni and stayed till later then came back via a food shop on route. I ended up bulk buying 22 massive sausages and 40 fish fingers, it was the cheapest way! Then we finished the day off with a chilled night at my friends flat.

The Bar Smith Library reading room
Because of my change in Stats module I now get Wednesdays off (this might not stay as I may have to change modules again tomorrow, boo). So this Wednesday I decided to get through work I had to do so a couple of us made base in the library and had a full day. We had free lunch on campus of american sliders as we are union members so that was good motivation! Allie and I decided to take a mid morning break from work and have a little discovery of the library as we didn’t really know our way around. We ended up discovering the hidden room of the Bar Smith Library reading room which is beautiful.
Its super quiet and tense so ill save it for a day when I’m bogged under with work. Walking around the uni made me realise how glad I am doing my exchange at the University of Adelaide, they are just so on it with student needs. 
The whole hub study area is full of so many iMacs and is laid out in such a cool way full of sofas and like lying down areas in the more laid back zones. The student kitchen is full of microwaves, toastie machines (cheese toasties all the way), boiling water and has a massive eating area. Im quite looking forward to my 9-5 days (sad I know). 2pm couldn’t come any sooner and we all congregated to the Bar Smith lawns (where lots of events happen on campus). The sliders were incredible and in buns for once, we even got candy floss for pud. After finishing up a busy day we all cooked dinner and brought it to the TV room and took it over with the bachelor (so into it) followed by the ‘man on the ledge’ which was a great film! 

Free American Sliders

Candy floss!

Breakfast Club
Thursday morning aka breakfast club. The uni offer free breakfasts every Tuesday and Thursday throughout term, amazing hey! So we tried it out for the first time today thinking it would just be like a piece of toast or cereals but we were in for a treat! Cheese toasties, unlimited toast and condiments including cheese vegemite, cereals, yogurt, juices, coffee and teas, fruit and cereal bars and you can take as much as you want. So after stuffing our faces and getting a coffee and cereal bars to take away we headed to the library. We will definitely be utilising this every week! Thursdays are a busy day for me with class with 6 hours straight but I was pleased when I finished at 5 to walk out and there was a eid festival on the Bar Smith lawns with lots of stalls including a free bbq (perfect timing). A few of us have decided to utilise our free gym with our accommodation and motivate each other to work out together. So my friend had found this fitness workout to try so tonight we gave it ago and gosh did it burn. After 28 minutes of hell we….went straight to stuff ourselves with burgers. But we had to they were right outside the gym and were free, plus we earned them! There was a ‘Bongoo’ event going on for internationals and they were drawing us in by giving us free burgers with free entry stamps and free drink tokens. After unlimited burgers and drinks we headed to my friends flat to discuss our mid-semester break plans. A group of about 10 of us are planning a trip from Cairns to Brisbane together, so it was super exciting talking it all through. We all then headed out for the ‘Bongoo’ night at the crown and sceptre which was hilarious and included the best taxi driver ever.

I woke up this morning like a cripple from the workout, oh the burn but we had a reason to get out of bed; BBQ. The University of Adelaide is really popular for engineering and has a really big social side. We were invited to an engineering bbq today where you pay $10 and they do two bbqs each term with unlimited food and booze and they have a DJ and games etc all on campus in the cloisters! They also organise a pub crawl of 6000 people so that will be a big night! So we all headed for the BBQ, unfortunately I had two hours of class in the afternoon so I went back and forth but it was a really good afternoon, there were even donuts for pudding! Everyone headed back home for a hungover nap and I went off to my last class for the week, my compulsory stats tute (what they call tutorials here) but then I was done for the weekend! As soon as I walked through the doors to my accommodation a group of my friends were going long boarding and cycling down the river so they quickly turned me around and we were away! It was a lovely time of the evening for an explore down the river even if my legs didn’t agree. Then finished the week off with a night out to start the weekend properly!

The river

The oval

A patisserie stall
After a morning of sorting out uni stuff and emails etc we all headed to the central market for our fruit and veg. I was still pretty stocked up so I just went for the fun, even if my knees were locking every 5 minutes resulting in me nearly falling over (yes I really am that sore). We managed to see more of the market this time and explored the side sections where the coffee and sweet bars are and also the food courts, its all so delicious!! Then after an afternoon of uni work we headed to the gym again just to even off our pain by doing an arms and abs workout but I ended up spending half of my time nearly crying on the roller, oh the pain. We then bailed on a night out and were tempted by snacks and a film instead so headed to our friends with duvets and watched side effects, a great film even if I did fall asleep (self admitted).

Sunday morning brought another morning of free pancakes! Only a few of us managed to get out of bed early enough for them at 9am but we were keen. This time they were amazing, there were only a few of us who turned up and we helped Ron make them so they were so so good. After eating about 20 pancakes each (some of them were thin and small) we got ready for our planned bike ride. Along the river is a trail which goes all the way from the beach through the city to the foot hills. In our accommodation and places across Adelaide you can hire bikes for free which is so good! So we planned to hire the bikes and cycle to the beach, It was 13.5 km each way and it was such a nice route. The parks are so pretty and theres loads of electric BBQS on route for public use so we were planning our summer BBQS. We thought the beach at the end was Glenleg beach where our friends live but it was Henley beach and it was so beautiful. It was such a warm day, I was in just a t-shirt for my first time here! My home being in Dorset means my summers are spent by the sea so it was amazing to go to the beach! It had so many amazing houses along the seafront and some lovely cafes and restaurants, they are putting lots of money into it with the building of a sort of mini waterpark on the beach front which should be good. We all grabbed some gorgeous pastries from the shop and sat down and enjoyed them with the company of many seagulls (can’t escape them). Then it was back home to burn off our lunch and get some studying in! There is a study room in our accommodation which is great so we all headed down there and did a few hours of work. Then tonight we all cooked our dinners in our friends flat and watched another film, lucky I brought my hard drive full of them! We are getting up early tomorrow morning before uni to head into book our mid semester break road trip so that will be super exciting!!!

Henley Beach

Safety first

Stepping stone bridge

We made it!
This coming week brings a busy week of class but at the weekend its two of my friends birthdays so I have a lovely weekend to look forward to! 

Reed in Radelaide 


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