A step in the right direction-food waste

So following my recent post about the huge importance of reducing food waste I read an article in the Huffington Post about the UK supermarket TESCO starting to act upon this. Tesco has decided to now give their leftover food to charity due to the CEO Dave Lewis admitting he feels ‘uncomfortable‘ with the levels of waste (about time).   

Tesco is now to become the first British supermarket to launch a bold scheme like this. Despite Tesco taking some measures to prevent food waste Lewis said the company:

 ‘didn’t feel good about the fact that the fluctuating demand for different foods in supermarkets meant you’re left with food that passes it’s sell-by date but is still perfectly good for human consumption’. 

It’s completely understandable why supermarkets are left with cupious amounts of waste. But for me I find it hard to understand that nothing can be done to redistribute this food avoiding it to turn to waste. Thousands of people are homeless and live in poverty so why can’t it be made possible for charities to distribute leftover food to them?

This is something that has always fustrated me. Many of my friends have worked in Tesco and other supermarkets and they’ve told me the rules that are in place regarding out of date food and also damaged packaging. I couldn’t believe that there is too many associating problems with donating left over food that can’t be overcome to deal with the thousands of tonnes of food that is simply thrown into the bin every year. 

It’s probably quite sad how excited I got when I read this article. My sister even tweeted me the article saying ‘you will love this’. But it’s great news and will have such a huge benefit to charities and the people in need.

Good work Tesco, every little helps! Let’s just hope the rest follow. 


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