The post-exams slump

Last week when I finished my exams I went straight to….bed. Unfortunately I was the first in my house to finish my exams so I didn’t have anyone to celebrate with that evening. But it actually wasn’t a bad thing considering how tired I was. I came back and just laid in bed completely exhausted and experiencing such a strange feeling of freedom. The post exam slump is typical. During exam season you day dream about how your going to go out all the time and how much your going to do but reality is you finish and you don’t know what to do. You forget what it’s like to have no revision to do and you end up drained. There’s the common trade off between going out or staying in with Netflix and Ben & Jerrys.  

 Unfortunately within the first week of starting my degree I was diagnosed with glandular fever. This is such a common disease now especially amongst young adults. For me it occurred during my gap year where I was hospitalised with trachaeitis, had frequent spouts of tonsillitis and collapsed occasionally. Due to frustration I headed to the doctors and after a blood test I was diagnosed. The timing wasn’t ideal; I was trying to settle into university life, attend lectures and I took up rowing. The problem with this disease is that there is no cure but instead a regular sleeping pattern and good diet is recommended.

A year and a half on I still notice when I’ve been busy and not had much sleep my glands flare up, so exams season does not bode well. Last week when I finished my exams I think it wasn’t only myself who was looking forward to finishing but also my body. It’s been amazing to go out on nights out, see my friends and watch TV without feeling guilty. However, I have also been so excited about bed and good food which are two things that haven’t had much priority over the last two months!

Have you had the post-exam season slump? 


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  1. Sukreet says:

    I most certainly have. As a matter of fact, I am going through one right now. Finished my exams a week ago, went camping for 3 days the day after, and now I have no idea what to do. So I started doing some research on the interweb to see if anyone experience that as well, and consequently I stumbled upon this post of yours. Hopefully I get out of it soon 🙂 Anyway, thanks for sharing what students all around the world have to go through on a regular basis.

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