Second year is over! 

So last night was the last time all 6 of our uni house were together…😞. It’s been an amazing year and I cannot believe second year is over. I absolutely loved living in halls last year and I had some great flat mates but living in a house this year has been amazing.

My house (im third from the left)

Firstly, it’s so good to have a lounge as shared space where everyone can lounge around. Last year my flat mates and I used to try and squeeze into one persons room to watch a film and we always gathered in the corridor for chats. So it’s been so good to have a place to hang out in the evenings together. At the beginning of the year we did the standard trip to ikea and bought items for the house to make it more homely such as blankets, cushions and a rug. We even found a cheap television to buy off gum tree! Our house this year had such a nice kitchen it was so large and pretty new so it made cooking dinner much more enjoyable than the kitchen in halls especially when we had mice! I even ended up baking quite a lot this year which was a nice bit of procrastination. 

Without the regular cleaning which we had in halls it did become a lot of effort to clean. It would always get to midnight on a Thursday night when everyone was in bed and one of us would write on the what’s app group ‘binnssss’ . We weren’t quite the best at remembering that! As a house we ended up having a couple of spring cleans playing music out loud and everyone cleaning together which was definetly the best way to do it.  

This year I lived with one boy and 5 girls (brave of him I know). Two of the girls are my course friends from last year which has been lovely to live with them. I don’t think I would have got through all of our deadlines and revision without them. I was originally nervous about living with course friends as we would spend so much time together but it has worked out great and as a house we never had a single fall out! 

However, our house has had its negatives with things breaking and my room had an episode of mould. You do find that landlords try to ignore your phone calls and avoid fixing things at all costs. Our landlord this year was an expert at this and after a series of emails and letters issues did get sorted and he improved during the year. So a message to fellow students would be to try and secure a landlord through recommendations! There’s always a huge rush in first year to arrange yourselves into houses for next year but you really don’t have to rush and whatever house you have you’ll have a great year.

I have had a truly amazing second year at university and without my lovely housemates it wouldn’t have been the same. I am staying in Southampton due to rowing training for races at the end of June so towards the end I will be the last one left in the house (eek). For next year we have got a house closer to campus which will be more appropriate when we are ‘studious’ third year students. I will now be in Australia for semester 1 so I am arranging someone to sublet my room during that time. 

I hope everyone finishing a year of university has had an amazing year too. 


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