The end of exams is near 

So it’s the time of the year when university students hibernate in their rooms or the library eating their own body weight in food and hate on life.  Everyone dislikes revision right? I’m one of the many people that starts revision by finding a million and one things to do bar revision-procrastination at its best. From actually getting out the Hoover to flicking through old photos for what you think is minutes but don’t be fooled. However, revision has to be done. Everyone has their own ways of revising and what works best for them. I think it’s crucial to find out how best you revise yourself. I’m the first to admit that I get caught up in other peoples revision techniques and my friends organised timetables but make sure you focus on what suits you. Biggest thing I repeatedly tell myself each exam season is to read the question (RTFQ)! So easily done when panick takes over, you see one word then start blabbing on. Ten minutes on you realise your writing the question completely wrong then it’s the dreaded massive crossing out (everyone’s been there). I kept up with my rowing during exams as it was a good break to let out my stress, get some fresh air and importantly get out of the house! Go for a walk, run, cycle whatever floats your boat (no pun intended).

Unfortunately this year I had three massive deadlines a week before my exams started so it’s been a hectic time and it seemed never ending! Sitting at your desk 24/7 seeing all your friends on social media starting to embrace freedom in the sunshine takes it toll. But numerous amounts of highlighters, post-it notes, pens and ginger nuts (stressed=desserts backwards right?) later I can now finally say I’ve finished my second year.

Time has flown by and I cannot believe I only have one year left of my course.  I finished yesterday and I got that post exams feeling of so what now? I don’t have to revise? What do I do? I can put nice clothes on and wear make up and actually go out? It takes time adjusting but I cannot wait to celebrate with my friends and for summer to begin!

I hope everyone’s exams have gone well and wish the people who are still going all the best, you’ll be finished soon! Hope everyone enjoys their freedom and have lots of great things planned for summer.


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