Ghana trip! 

So I’ve had a crazy busy few weeks full of assignments, rowing races and more assignments but I handed in my last assignment before Easter and It was time for our field trip to Ghana!!! I mentioned before about this trip but as part of my University course we have a customary field trip for one of my demography modules. Time had flown by since we were first told our fieldwork destination and I couldn’t quite believe we were going so soon. The preparations leading up to the trip were so exciting! We sent off our passports for our visas a few weeks back and received them not long after, pretty shiny but should be for £50!! We’ve had lectures every Friday for the module and have been taught further understanding into quantitative and qualitative analysis and been prepped on how to lead an in depth interview. The trip included analysing a quantitative data set that has been collected by Students at the University of Accra and heading into the research area and also carrying out qualitative analysis. I was so excited for this opportunity and after packing the night before (nothing like last minute) my course friends and I were all ready to go!! 

Watch out for more posts about my trip to Ghana including photos and an itenary of what we got up to!! Also head to my university blog on tumblr which my course friends and I posted on during our trip:


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