The travel bug

“The world is a book and those who do not travel only read one page” – Augustine of Hippo

One thing you will come to realise is I am a sucker for quotes and this is one of my favourites. Travelling is one of those things I personally believe people just have to do at some point within their life. Firstly, to experience being a million feet high looking down at the mesmorising landscapes of Earth but to discover new languages, cultures and environments . As individuals we share the world with over 7 billion other humans living in around 196 independent countries, but how many of those countries will you visit?

Obviously we would all love to travel everywhere in the world if money and time wasn’t an object, but I believe in making the most of every opportunity that meets you. I was very lucky that I had a well traveled childhood (thanks mum and dad) even though I was too young to remember some amazing countries I have visited. University is an amazing time where there are so many opportunities for you to take part in trips to some amazing countries and places you wouldn’t normally visit. I had some very exciting news recently that with my University course I will be going to Ghana next Easter. The trip is for a demography module I will be taking next semester so the research we do and data we collect will be used in analysis using various statistics and demographic methods to help development of the research areas we will be based in. My course mates and I cannot wait to go, so keep an eye on my blog next March for a diary of my trip.

University is also a great way to meet new people with very different cultural backgrounds to yourself. The University of Southampton has students from more than 135 different nations-that’s a lot of languages! Last year I lived in a flat in halls with 9 other people I had never met before and out of all of us half of us were international (excluding me). It was amazing getting to know their different cultures from being taught Spanish drinking games to making traditional Vietnamese food. I have made some life long friendships with them and have also created some amazing travel opportunities along the way.

Anyway, the message i’m trying to get across is just travel anywhere and everywhere you can and don’t miss a single opportunity.

Monday-Just-Go-Blog2-640x400 (1)

Throughout my blog I will share my past and future travelling experiences with you.


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  1. Opher says:

    If you don’t look you will never find anything! – Like your Blog! Thanks for following Opher’s World! Best wishes Opher


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